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Legal Advice

One of the most crucial part of our lives in India is our Legal framework. Legal system has to be followed to the last detail.

Legal Advice: - The most important part of our lives is ‘LAW’. With law we mean Legal system which covers all parts of our senior lives like Civil law, Inheritance Law, writing of WILL, State Rules for Senior citizens, Policies of Central Government on Senior Citizens, Government support of the Senior citizens, Divorce Law, Rights of Senior Citizens etc. Then there is the Criminal Law called the CRPC which deals with harm which has come to you being Senior Citizens, physical harm law as senior citizens, if you have been abused by your children, Domestic Violence Act /Law and various other aspects of Law of Republic Of India which affect you directly or indirectly. We already have a list of lawyers who will provide some FREE LEGAL ADVICE and you will only pay when you actually have the use of the services of the Lawyers. We will provide these services as per your Jurisdiction. We will also provide you with Free Online Legal Advice service, we will find reliable Senior Lawyers as required and other famous and well known lawyers in their field of expertise. This all will be FREE SERVICE from us if you are our Client in our Care home. and help you may require. We will also provide you with lawyers who will provide reliable services. You will not run around trying to find a reliable Lawyer. Please do keep in mind that we are NOT a CHARITY.

We will also provide you Taxation services from the pool of well-intentioned and well known Chartered Accountants in Delhi. We will have an in house Chartered Accountant who will deal with all your taxation issues as well. We will do the best Tax planning for you when you are staying in our Care Homes. We will help you file Income Tax returns from the comfort of your Care Home that is Bharat age Care Home. We will keep you informed about all the new Developments in the Taxation Laws so that you have to pay the minimum amount of Income tax as a Senior Citizen and in your old age. We intend to provide ‘Value for Money Services’ to you.