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Medical Services

Though we will tie up with a big hospital for your medical needs but we will promote Good Living in house. We will provide yoga lessons, meditation sessions.

Medical Service: Senior living needs a good and a convenient basic medical service, medical care for you in our Care Homes and at your home. We endeavour to offer the best medical service possible at home at the best affordable prices. This is a big goal to achieve as India is very short in the ratio of the Doctors per 100,000 Citizens of India. Therefore to get medical services when you require them becomes a challenge. We feel that it’s easier to tie up and engage better doctors when you have a larger number of people for consultation at one place. This is where it's easier to organise better services at our Care Home – Old age homes. We will provide all tests collection and delivery at our Homes. We will provide constant Medical supervision by our inhouse Nurses ( Female as well as Male). We will tie up with a nearest Hospital and nearest Speciality Hospitals to cater to your needs at the best Cost possible for you, so that the burden on your purse is as little as possible. We intend to start a service in which we will assess and provide a trained Nurse to your home. This is subject to the availability of trained and smart nurses and your willingness to pay the cost for them. Cheaper cost means an untrained Nurse next living with you. We will provide you with all relevant information which will help you deal with your illness better and with more mental strength.